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The 411 On Earwigs


Most people have heard the scary stories about earwigs climbing into the ears of unsuspecting sleepers to burrow into their brain to lay eggs. Thankfully, this story is simply an old wives’ tale. As far as pests go, earwigs are less destructive and generally not focused on infesting your home. Earwigs are unintentional invaders who often wander in due to weather conditions. Once inside, they are more annoying than destructive. Though when threatened, they will give off a bad odor.

Earwigs In The Home? Blame it on the Rain

Earwigs prefer moist environments. The recent run of rainy days across the Grand Strand is ideal for earwigs and sightings of the bugs tend to increase with rainy weather. Outdoors, earwigs are often found in damp areas such as piles of firewood, rotting logs, piles of dead leaves and plant debris, and under mulch or rocks in garden areas. While they will attack and eat living plants, flowers and vegetables in your garden, their preferred food is decaying plant matter like you would find in a rotting piece of wood.

Hit the Road, Jack

Just because earwigs aren’t often destructive inside a home, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want them hanging around. To prevent earwigs from coming in, check the weather-stripping and caulking around doors and windows. If it seems worn or isn’t sealing tightly, replace it to give earwigs less access space to invite themselves in. Also use putty and other filler material around pipes and vents to the outside to deter wandering pests (including earwigs) from wandering in. Route gutters and downspouts as far away from your home as possible to prevent moisture from building up along your house that can attract earwigs. If possible, reduce lighting around doors and windows to prevent attracting earwigs and other bugs.

If despite your best prevention efforts, you find earwigs are getting into your home, call The Pest Force. Earwigs are also covered under our quarterly pest management program so we’ve always got you covered.