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5 Ways to Combat Pests After Flooding


Like people, pests head for higher and drier areas when flooding occurs. Unfortunately, sometimes your home is the higher and drier area they find. What types of pests are common following a flood? The most common pests for our area include fire ants, Palmetto bugs (American cockroaches), flies, mosquitoes (including the extra large gallinippers) and rodents. Here are 5 ways to combat pests following a flood:

1. Cover broken windows and doors with plywood until they can be properly replaced. Any broken, cracked or damaged area on the exterior of your home can be an open invitation to pests.

2. Use a dehumidifier and several box fans to regulate humidity and dry out the home as quickly as possible after a flood. Pests generally prefer warm and humid environments. Removing moisture and drying out the rooms in your home makes your space less attractive to pests.

3. Remove and clean up debris and organic matter that entered your home with the flood waters. Flooding tends to overflow sewers and bring waste and other organic materials into the home that tend to attract pests. Removing debris, cleaning and properly sanitizing areas of your home impacted by flooding is key to keeping pests away.

4. Remove rotting drywall, flooring, wood and other damaged areas of your home’s structure (as able) as soon as possible. These materials foster mold growth – ideal food for many pests. Plus, mold growth can make people and pets very sick.

5. Have your pest control experts come out as soon as waters recede from your home to lay down a barrier of insecticide around your home. Many treatments from your regular pest maintenance program can be diluted or washed away by flood waters. Creating a barrier of insecticide around your home as quickly as possible following a flood is your best chance to prevent infestation.

Floods are disruptive and can be catastrophic. When you have a major clean-up ahead, the last thing you need are pests invading your home and making a tough job even harder. The Pest Force is ready to help you keep the pests away so you can work on the recovery ahead.