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8 Tips for Keeping Bugs Outside in the Winter


The cold temperatures of the winter months make your warm home all the more inviting to bugs. In South Carolina, bugs that like to come in for the winter include palmetto bugs (American cockroach), termites, carpenter ants, earwigs, stink bugs and kudzu bugs to name just a few. The key in preventing infestations of any of these bugs is preventing them from getting inside to begin with. Here are some tips for things you can do to make your home less inviting for insects.

1. Keep up with pest control service year round.

2. Seal all cracks you can find along foundation, around doors and near windows.

3. In areas that are tough to seal, stick bits of steel wool in the openings to discourage curious bugs.

4. Check that doors seal properly when closed. When you close a door from the inside, no light from outside should be visible around the door. If there is visible light, replace door seals.

5. Check window screens and screens over ventilation openings for holes or damage and replace if necessary. Also check that the screens fit securely with no room for bugs to squeeze through.

6. Keep the inside of your home less appealing. Clean floors and surfaces regularly to keep them clear of food debris that might be extra enticing for bugs.

7. Keep all packaged or dry goods in air-tight sealed containers. Cereals can also be kept in the refrigerator to protect from hungry bugs.

8. Check your pets for pests. Pets that go outside can be great modes of transportation for bugs, including fleas, which do not die off in the winter in our area. Other bugs can also cling to your pooch’s fur and hitchhike their way indoors. Continue your normal flea and tick treatments for your pets year-round.

These 8 tips are just a few of the things you can do to keep bugs outside this winter. Your pest control specialist can also check around your home and advise you on additional measures you can take to protect your home from uninvited insect guests!  If you need any help keeping pests at bay, you can also call The Pest Force at (843) 236-1286 or visit our website at