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Bug Barometer: Spring and Summer 2020 Pest Forecast


The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has released its bi-annual Bug Barometer forecast – a seasonal forecast of what we can expect in terms of pests in the various regions of the United States. In general, on-going warmer and wetter weather than average this winter have allowed certain pest populations to thrive or spike earlier than usual in the season. The country has overall experienced an unseasonably warm winter and wetter conditions allowing vector pests, in particular, to thrive such as ticks and mosquitoes.


Southeast Region Forecast

Let’s look a little closer to home. Like the rest of the nation, the southeast region has had a fairly warm and wet winter. These conditions result in mosquito and termite populations significantly higher than average. Cockroaches and ants will also be slightly higher than average across the region with the exception of Florida. In Florida, the summer-like conditions mean ants and cockroaches will be significantly higher than average.


Travel Forecast

If you’re planning to travel later this summer after restrictions are lifted, you’ll be facing higher than average bug populations in just about every region in the U.S. The northeast and New England will have significantly higher numbers of ticks than average, with ants and termites also numbering above average. In the midwest and Great Lakes regions, watch for ticks, which will be significantly higher in number than average. Ants might be slightly more numerous than average in this region. Planning to travel to other regions this summer? Check out the bug barometer yourself at

Our warm and wet winter spelled great news for pests and conditions they thrive in but not such good news for us. Increases in pest populations mean greater threat from termites, mosquitoes and other pests. Got pests? Call The Pest Force for the most thorough pest service in the Grand Strand. One call and you can rest easy, pest-free.