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Springtime Pests to Watch For


It’s springtime once again and with the warmer weather and spring showers, pests are looking for food, water and shelter. Prevention is easier, cheaper and safer than treating an infestation. However, it helps to know what springtime pests to be watching for.

The most plentiful springtime pests in South Carolina are:
Palmetto bugs (cockroaches)
Bees, yellow jackets and wasps
Mice, rats and other rodents

Pest Prevention Tips

Here are some tips to help you prevent a pest infestation this spring.

1. Store food properly – Store food in air-tight containers. Put opened cereals and grains in a zip-top bag and then inside of air-tight containers.

2. Clean up after meals immediately – Clean up after each meal immediately. Wash dishes and dispose of any food trash or debris and put away leftovers. Never allow food waste or dirty dishes to sit out overnight as both will attract bugs and also rodents.

3. Dispose of trash properly – Empty trash bins regularly and dispose away from the home. Avoid storing trash bins in the garage, if possible, as they attract bugs and rodents. Dispose of food waste into bins immediately after meals.

4. Seal up entryways – Repair holes in screens, check door and window seals, caulk holes and spaces. Check and replace weatherstripping as needed on doors and windows.

5. Avoid having standing water – Some insects use standing water to reproduce and breed. Be sure to empty bird baths, fix outdoor faucet leaks, repair gutters and downspouts. Also avoid overwatering plants and shrubs.

Prevention is the key to dealing with the bountiful amount of springtime pests looking to make their way into your home. Building a few simple habits and changing the location of your trash bins can make a big difference, as well as knowing which springtime pests to look for.