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Top 5 Pests You Don’t Want in Your Home


These pests and insects impact the value of your home and not just your comfort and peace of mind. Let’s take a look at the top 5 pests you don’t want to find in your home.

1. Termites – At the top of this list are termites. According to the National Pest Management Association, termites cause an average of $5 Billion in property damage to US homes every year. What’s worse is that damage caused by termites is generally not included in your homeowner’s insurance policy. Termites eat wood and cause significant damage to the structural components of your home. A termite expert can help determine which species you are dealing with and provide effective termite control measures before they have a chance to cause major damage to your home’s structure.

2. Carpenter Ants – While they don’t actually eat wood, the do bore through it looking for space to invade and settle in. They also bore through into your home looking for food. The holes they bore into the wood can eventually damage the structural integrity of your home. Carpenter ants are definitely not something you want to find in your home.

3. German Cockroaches – We can say it… German cockroaches are gross and unhealthy. They shed feces and skins causing serious reactions for people with allergies and asthma. They also carry pathogens that can make you and your family sick. Avoiding them is the best course of action but if you do get them, it takes an aggressive pest control response to get rid of them.

4. Fire Ants – Aside from making you ill if they bite you, fire ants are also known for damaging electrical components such as transformer boxes, relay switches and air conditioning switches, causing power outages and potential shorts and electrical fires. If you notice a fire ant colony in your yard or near your home, you’ll want to call right away to have it remedied before they can do serious damage.

5. Rats and Mice – While not insects, these pests are also dangerous invaders. They chew through wires and contaminate insulation. They also can make you very sick and can carry pathogens for salmonella, typhus and other serious illnesses, spread by their feces and urine. The wires they chew can also be a source of potential electrical house fires. They might be cute but they are pests that cause damage and illness.

This list of the top 5 pests you don’t want in your home are only a short list of the many pests that look to invade and take up residence in your home. Other examples include honeybees, squirrels, bats and bed bugs, to name a few. None make good house guests but our list of the top 5 are the most destructive and dangerous of the list. If you have a problem with these or other pests, call The Pest Force. We’ll take care of all of your pest control needs.