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Top 6 Pests Worse Than Bed Bugs


When you think of household pests, few bugs are as disturbing as bed bugs. However, there are a number of pests that are actually worse than bed bugs in a variety of ways. Some cause serious illnesses while others are destructive to your home or belongings. Let’s take a look at the top 6 pests worse than bed bugs.

1. Kissing Bug – Despite their romantic name, kissing bugs are dangerous critters. They feed on blood and can carry a protozoa that causes Chagas disease. While Chagas disease is less common in the United States, it does occur. Chagas disease causes fever, headaches, swelling of the lymph nodes and trouble breathing–and the symptoms last for 8-12 weeks. About 30% of people who are bit by an infectious kissing bug experience heart problems and digestive issues anywhere from 10-30 years (yes, years!) after being bitten. In some cases, it can even lead to fatal heart failure.

2. Bluebottle Fly – Bluebottle flies are a common type of fly with a blueish hue. Many people view flies as simply annoying but they can also make you sick. Bluebottle flies can carry nasties like salmonella, tuberculosis, dysentery, parasitic worms and cholera. They feed on decaying matter so they’re drawn to homes with blocked gutters and animal feces (another reason to always pick up your dog’s feces right away). When attracted to a home, they can easily cause an infestation.

3. Carpenter Ant – Carpenter ants are on this list because they are just as destructive as termites to the structural integrity of your home. They burrow into wood and form colonies of up to 50,000 ants. Even worse, they bite and when they do, they spray formic acid to increase the pain of their bite.

4. House Centipede – Aside from being fast and freaky bugs, these leggy pests are also venomous, unlike the millipede <LINK:>. Their bite tends to cause only localized pain for most people, though some do have serious reactions. They prefer warm areas so you’re most likely to find them in bathrooms and behind bedroom furniture.

5. Earwigs – Though not dangerous, they emit a foul odor and spread pheromones that can attract other earwigs, leading to an infestation. They’re active at night and tend to move fast, making them difficult to kill. They prefer to eat plants and generally live outside but will come inside to avoid bad weather. Once they send their pheromone signal, your home can easily be overrun with large numbers of these bugs.

6. Beetles – Most people don’t think of beetles as particularly bad bugs. However, if they get into your home and start an infestation, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of. In most cases, beetles get into the home on infested firewood, in packaged foods or in plants. Once inside, they lay large numbers of eggs very quickly, easily leading to a major infestation. They are particularly destructive and will gnaw through wood, fabrics, paper and foods. It’s not uncommon for people who have an infestation to have to throw away the entire contents of their pantry and their closet to rid themselves of the eggs and infestation. Beetles also have a painful bite.

Bed bugs are the pests of many people’s nightmares, but they aren’t the worst pests out there.┬áSome pests are more destructive and more dangerous than bed bugs. Here we share our top 6 bugs worse than bed bugs. If you notice any of these critters in your home, it’s time to call The Pest Force before a major infestation happens.