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What’s Hiding in Your Crawlspace?


A crawlspace is a space beneath a house where pipes and ductwork can be accessed. It’s also the place where some people store belongings, like that dusty box of books and all those old clothes that no longer fit. Crawlspaces are part of the structure of the house and provide an excellent hiding spot for insects and pests. Some crawlspaces go neglected for such long periods of time, they become homes for rodents and other small nuisance animals. So, what’s hiding in your crawlspace?

Silverfish Silverfish stick together in large numbers and can grow up to 4.5 cm long. They feed on starch and sugar, but crawlspaces can become perfect environments for them since crawlspaces are generally damp and dark – the moisture content encourages mold growth which silverfish also like, and crawlspaces allow them a space free of light to encourage molting and reproduction.

Cockroaches Although cockroaches prefer living in drains, crawl spaces give them shelter from temperature fluctuations and predators during their vulnerable juvenile stage. They can also use your crawlspace as a way to gain entrance to your home and cause an infestation.

Termites While termites don’t prefer crawl spaces above ground, it’s easy for them to crawl up the wood of your crawlspace walls and gain access to your house. They will eat anything made of wood and can compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Spiders Spiders are good crawlspace inhabitants because they eat other bugs, although some spiders can become nuisances themselves. Some spiders that invade your crawl space and can make their way into your home are poisonous such as black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders.

Mice Mice are often found in crawlspaces because it gives them access to areas indoors. They live off of seed, cereal and grains, but crawl spaces will attract rodents like mice because crawl spaces provide shelter from predators, shelter from the elements (no matter what time of year) and plenty of food sources.

If you believe that pests are hiding in your crawlspace then it’s important that you address the problem as quickly as possible. Call The Pest Force right away and we’ll take care of crawlspace pests and any that have made their way into your home.