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Venomous Spiders of the Carolinas: The Black Widow

While nearly all spiders are capable of venomous bites, there are two main spiders of top concern in the Carolina’s: The Black Widow and the Brown Recluse. Let’s take a closer look at the infamous Black Widow spider. Black Widow Spider Facts The “widow” family of spiders actually includes 31 different species and not all …


Why Am I So Attractive To Mosquitoes? Reasons Mosquitoes Might Bite You More Than Others

It seems we all know someone who never seems to get bitten by mosquitoes. Or perhaps you are the person that seems to attract mosquitoes from all over the county as soon as you step outside. Believe it or not, science does have some pretty compelling evidence for why mosquitoes prefer certain individuals over others. …


Beneficial Bugs

Not all bugs are bad news. Some bugs provide some very useful benefits for people, especially if you have a garden (or any of your neighbors do). If you find these bugs in your home, it’s best to humanely capture them and safely return them outdoors where they can continue to do the beneficial work …


Are Botflies a Risk in South Carolina?

Botflies are having a bit of a viral moment on the internet lately (or at least their larvae are). If you’ve come across any video footage, you might be wondering if botflies are a risk in South Carolina. The answer is yes, in certain circumstances. While the botflies that target human hosts are found in …


Where Do Bugs Go When It Gets Cold?

Have you ever wondered where all the bugs go when the weather turns cold? Different bugs do different things to survive when the temperatures drop. Let’s take a look! Move in with you – This one shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Insect roommates that tend to move in to escape the cold are less …


Common Household Bugs: Bet You Didn’t Know These Facts

A team of entomologists (scientists who study bugs) searched through 50 homes in Raleigh, North Carolina, collecting every arthropod (bug) they could find. The results of their search might surprise you… How many bugs? Researchers found something in every room of every home. In fact, the team of entomologists found between 32 and 211 different …


5 Ways to Combat Pests After Flooding

Like people, pests head for higher and drier areas when flooding occurs. Unfortunately, sometimes your home is the higher and drier area they find. What types of pests are common following a flood? The most common pests for our area include fire ants, Palmetto bugs (American cockroaches), flies, mosquitoes (including the extra large gallinippers) and …


Sensible Pest Control: Must Do’s for Fall Yard Clean-Up and Pest Management

The key to effective pest control is sensible pest control. At The Pest Force, we use an approach called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This approach is a combination of techniques for reducing resources pests need to survive (food, water, shelter and ways to get into your home) and using pesticides as minimally as possible. This …


The 411 On Earwigs

Most people have heard the scary stories about earwigs climbing into the ears of unsuspecting sleepers to burrow into their brain to lay eggs. Thankfully, this story is simply an old wives’ tale. As far as pests go, earwigs are less destructive and generally not focused on infesting your home. Earwigs are unintentional invaders who …


Ant Problems After Rainy Weather

In South Carolina, stormy weather can do more than just rain on your parade (or your day at the beach). Rainy weather can also cause ant problems in your home. Let’s take a closer look at how rain brings the ants marching in. Ants Problems and Rain In our humid subtropical climate, rain is not …

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