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Wintertime Pests

When the weather turns cold and wet here in Myrtle Beach, the pests from outside start looking for a nice warm place inside to spend the winter. Here are some common pests that will often try to take up residence in your home when the cold comes to town. Mice – Mice infest homes particularly …


Top Termite Control Questions

South Carolina is a popular state for termites. If you’ve moved here from an area with less impact from termites or you just never gave termites much thought before a recent issue, you likely have some questions about the notoriously destructive bugs. Here are the top termite control questions: Q: How do I know if …


Top 6 Pests Worse Than Bed Bugs

When you think of household pests, few bugs are as disturbing as bed bugs. However, there are a number of pests that are actually worse than bed bugs in a variety of ways. Some cause serious illnesses while others are destructive to your home or belongings. Let’s take a look at the top 6 pests …


What are Millipedes and How to Get Rid of Them

Often mistaken for centipedes, millipedes are about 1.5 inches long and dark brown to dark red in color. They’re arthropods, not insects, and have a hard outer shell. They have segmented bodies and at least two pairs of legs on each segment. There are over 6,000 species of millipedes worldwide. The common millipedes we’re used …


Fall is Stink Bug Season!

Despite the warm temperatures we have right now, fall is just around the corner. Fall is stink bug season because these foul smelling bugs like to invade homes looking for a place to stay warm during the cooler months. Stink bugs are an invasive species and will access your home, business or other warm building …


Bees, Wasps, or Hornets?

It’s the height of summer and the bees, wasps and hornets are out in full force. It’s important to know the difference between the different types of stinging insects as the wounds from their stings can require different treatments and some people are allergic to stings. In general, bees have more fuzz and are less …


What Bit Me at the Beach? It Might Be a Biting Midge

If you’ve been to the beach recently around dusk or early evening, you might have had the unpleasant experience of being bitten on your feet and lower legs. These biting bugs go by a number of names, including no see ‘ums, sand gnats, and sand flies. All of these names are referring to the same …


Venomous Spiders of the Carolinas II: The Brown Recluse

Aside from the Black Widow, the second venomous spider of concern in the Carolinas is the Brown Recluse. The Brown Recluse is most active from March through October. They’re typically found in dark corners, boxes, books and under furniture. They tend to be shy and not very aggressive unless they feel threatened. About the Brown …


Venomous Spiders of the Carolinas: The Black Widow

While nearly all spiders are capable of venomous bites, there are two main spiders of top concern in the Carolina’s: The Black Widow and the Brown Recluse. Let’s take a closer look at the infamous Black Widow spider. Black Widow Spider Facts The “widow” family of spiders actually includes 31 different species and not all …


Why Am I So Attractive To Mosquitoes? Reasons Mosquitoes Might Bite You More Than Others

It seems we all know someone who never seems to get bitten by mosquitoes. Or perhaps you are the person that seems to attract mosquitoes from all over the county as soon as you step outside. Believe it or not, science does have some pretty compelling evidence for why mosquitoes prefer certain individuals over others. …

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