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Tips to Protect Your Home From Fall Pests


Fall is the season when pests start seeking a warmer place to eat and sleep. Unfortunately, that warmer place is often your home! Ants, fleas, palmetto bugs, mice, bats and other pests look to your home for food and shelter. We’ve got the tips to help you prevent these fall pests from infesting your home.

1. Clean up fall debris – Dead leaves, old mulch and dead plants are great hiding places for pests, especially if that debris builds up against your house. To prevent pests from using fall debris as a pathway into your home, clean it up! You’ll give pests less places to hide while they try to find a way inside.

2. Trim branches – If you have tree branches, bushes or other foliage that touches your house, trim it back. Don’t give pests a pathway to walk right up to your roof to find a way in for the cold weather.

3. Store food in storage containers – Store food in air-tight storage containers to prevent attracting hungry weevils and other pests. Make sure to keep pet food in a sealed container as well.

4. Fill in gaps – Search for gaps, not just around your attic and garage, but also around where pipes and electrical lines enter your home. Use caulk or expanding foam to fill in the gaps to close off that point of entry to pests.

5. Seal windows and doors – Seal cracks around windows and make sure weather stripping around doors is forming a tight seal. Having tightly sealed doors and windows will help keep bugs and other pests from walking right in.

6. Install a chimney cap – Install a chimney cap with a screen to help prevent rodents, bats and birds from ending up down your chimney and into your home.

7. Repair torn screens – If your screens have tears or holes, be sure to patch them or repair the screens to prevent pests from using an open window to get access to your home. Screens work best when they’re sealed tight and have no tears, rips or holes.

You can protect your home from fall pests. These seven tips can help you defend your home from an infestation when the weather turns cold and the pests come looking for refuge.