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Facts About Fleas and How to Fight Them!


Fleas are plentiful here in the south because they flourish in a warm, humid climate. Fleas are wingless insects that get onto hosts by jumping. The most common hosts are your pets, but fleas can and do bite humans as well. Here are some facts about fleas and how to fight them!

Facts About Fleas

Fleas are the little blood-sucking bugs that get onto your dog or cat and make their lives itchy and miserable. They can make you itchy and miserable too. Here are some interesting and helpful things to know about fleas.

  • Fleas have been on earth for about 100 million years.
  • There are over 2,000 species and subspecies of fleas.
  • In the US, the cat flea is the primary species responsible for infesting your pets and home.
  • A female flea lays eggs 35 to 48 hours after her first blood meal and will lay 2,000 eggs over her lifetime.
  • Fleas can be dangerous (especially to smaller pets, puppies and kittens) as a female flea can consume 15 times her body weight in blood every day.
  • Fleas can live 2-3 months on average.
  • Fleas can jump as much as 100 times their body length and up to 2 feet high.
  • When you find an adult flea on your pet, chances are there are already eggs and an infestation happening.
  • Flea eggs can fall off of your pet inside your house and cause an infestation inside your home.

How to Fight Fleas

The fight against fleas can seem like a never-ending epic battle. Here are the tips you need to win the war against fleas!
1. Have your yard and home treated for fleas by The Pest Force. Professional treatment helps reduce the flea population in your yard and can help eliminate it in your home.
2. Keep grass cut. Fleas hate direct sunlight and prefer moist places without sunshine.
3. Remove yard debris where fleas can hide.
4. Bathe your pets with a flea shampoo or blue Dawn dish soap. Use a flea comb to make sure you get all the fleas off your pets.
5. Use a monthly preventative flea treatment. There are skin applications you apply on the back of the neck or flea preventative pills.
6. Don’t let your guard down. Keep up with your flea treatments for your pets and your yard to keep fleas from coming back.

The fight against fleas doesn’t have to frustrate you or be a never-ending battle. The Pest Force can treat your yard and home for existing fleas and prevent them from coming back with regular treatment. Now you know the facts about fleas and how to fight them!