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It’s Here! The Infamous Swarming Season…


You can expect to see termite swarmers, those silky winged black ant-like insects, fluttering out of the ground or a dead tree–or in some instances out of your wall. They begin to show up at the first sign of warmer weather. Most of them will not survive to breed another day, but the ones that find a mate and return to the soil will be the future kings and queens of new colonies.
Termites are beneficial to our environment. They recycle wood and plant material and their tunneling aerates the soil, improving soil composition and fertility. The problem comes when they try to recycle your house.
You may have been told that you do not have to worry about termite swarmers because they are not the ones that do the damage. But let me tell you–where there are swarmers, there are workers right behind them, and they ARE the ones who do the damage. Swarming termites may be your only sign that there are hidden workers eating away at your structure. There is a short and important window of opportunity to pinpoint problem areas during swarming season.
You may see hundreds of swarmers fluttering around a room, in your garage or attic, exiting the soil near the foundation or on the exterior of your home. You may see them gathering on windowsills, light fixtures or caught up in spiderwebs. The wings are quickly left behind and may be the only evidence you see.
Another sign of the presence of termite swarmers are pinhead size exit holes in your wall or trim. Each termite colony provides many exits for the swarmers—some may be in the yard, but some will be these tiny holes often accompanied by just a bit of dirt around the hole.
Increased activity of birds, lizards and ants near the foundation of your house can also be an indication of termite swarmer activity since these are a favorite food of these creatures.
Any evidence of termite swarmers inside your home is cause for alarm and should result in an immediate call to The Pest Force. Swarmers found on the exterior may not mean there is an infestation inside the home, but should still be investigated. The Pest Force will provide a free and thorough inspection and evaluation.

Written by Matt McLaughlin, The Pest Force