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Mosquito Season: Are You a Tasty Mosquito Treat?


Summertime means mosquito season! Are you a tasty mosquito treat, always getting swarmed with the pests while others aren’t bothered? Why do these pesky bugs seem to bite some people more than others? There are a few reasons why mosquitoes might be more attracted to you than other people.

Your Clothing

If you’re wearing dark colors, mosquitoes may be able to see you better and be more attracted to you. Mosquito eyesight isn’t great so darker colors are easier for them to see and target. Wear pastels or light-colored clothing to camouflage yourself from mosquitoes.

Blood Type

Your blood type can also play a role in how attractive you are to mosquitoes. Studies have shown that people with Type O blood are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes than those with other blood types. How do they know your blood type? Most people give off a chemical signal or pheromone that are specific to each blood type. Mosquitoes use those chemical signals to search out their preferred blood types for a bite to eat.

Heat and Sweat

Mosquitoes are attracted to the heat and sweat on your skin. If you’re exercising or working outside, you may be more attractive to mosquitoes because of the heat and sweat you’re producing. Avoid exercising or doing anything hot and sweaty outside during peak mosquito hours (dusk and dawn).

Carbon Dioxide

Mosquitoes can also smell the carbon dioxide that you exhale. They’re attracted to the CO2 that you breathe out, which helps them target you more easily. People who breathe out more CO2 (like athletes) are more likely to be targeted.


If you’re pregnant, you may be more attractive to mosquitoes because of the higher levels of hormones in your body (and thus secreted through your skin). Pregnant women also exhale more CO2 than non-pregnant individuals, making pregnant women a target for the big bite.

So, what can you do to avoid being a tasty mosquito treat? Wearing light-colored clothing, staying inside during peak mosquito hours (dusk and dawn) and using a quality mosquito repellent are all good ways to reduce your risk of being bitten. For even more protection, call The Pest Force for more information about our mosquito treatment options for your yard.