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Top Winter Pests to Watch Out for in South Carolina


There are several pests that are still active, even in the winter. So, it’s important to keep your quarterly or regular pest control service going year-round. What could possibly be trying to get into your home in the colder months? Here are the top winter pests to watch out for in South Carolina.


Roaches are one of the most resilient types of pests. They can survive anywhere there is access to food and has enough humidity (which we have plenty of, even in the winter). Roaches quickly grow resistant to DIY pest control methods and they reproduce rapidly. If you see one, there are likely many, many more so call The Pest Force right away if you see one in your home.


While many people associate termites with warmer weather, they actually have a second swarm season in October and November here in the low country. And they reproduce until February. Termites are aggressively destructive to wood structures and cause $5 billion in damage across the nation every year. Never let down your guard when it comes to termite control because they are active year-round.


Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite…literally! When humans travel for the holidays, so can bedbugs. They can be found in hotels and even on planes. They often hitch a ride in your luggage or on your clothing and travel back home with you to cause an infestation in your house. Bedbugs are also pretty resilient so call The Pest Force at the first sign of bedbugs.


Mice and rats seek out a warm place for the winter that also has a good supply of food. They will find any way to get inside your home and nest up in walls, crawlspaces or even behind appliances. Seal up holes and cracks on the outside of your home and store all of your pantry goods in air-tight plastic containers to avoid attracting rodents.

In South Carolina, we have relatively mild winters but it still gets cold enough for pests to seek out warmer shelter – often inside your home. These top winter pests to watch out for are just waiting for an opportunity to move into your place with you. Don’t live with uninvited residents in your home, call The Pest Force!