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Winterizing Your Home to Prevent Seasonal Pests


When winter rolls around, it’s important to winterizing your home to prevent seasonal pests like palmetto bugs, mice, rats, bed bugs, and termites. Here are some tips to help you winterize your home and keep these pesky pests at bay:

1. Clean your gutters regularly to prevent buildup that can attract winter pests like rats and mice. Pests love leafy debris that builds up in your gutters. This debris can also cause leaks that create a pathway for pests to come into your home.

2. Inspect your roof for any damage or holes that could let winter pests into your home. Seal any openings tightly with caulk or other appropriate materials. Especially check around any vents or chimneys to ensure there isn’t any space that can allow pests to get in.

3. Install chimney screens to keep winter pests like flying insects out of your fireplace and vents. This will also help prevent other critters from getting into your home such as squirrels, birds and of course, mice and rats.

4. Eliminate yard debris such as leaves and branches that can provide winter pests with a place to hide. Don’t give pests the opportunity to take up residence in your yard as they can easily transfer into your home.

5. Take your trash out frequently to avoid enticing pests to come in for a quick and easy meal in your trash. Make sure trash is stored in a tight-lidded container until trash pick-up day to avoid pests in your garage or trash bin.

6. Keep floors and countertops clean and free of crumbs and other food debris that can attract winter pests like mice and rats. Rodents and other pests are primarily after two things: food and shelter. If they can find both in your home, they’ll invite themselves in.

7. Insulate your pipes. Pipe insulation can help plug up spaces that would ordinarily let pests in. Plus, wintertime is cold enough without having your pipes freeze and potentially burst.

Following these home winterization tips will help you prevent seasonal pests. If you do have problems with winter pests, call The Pest Force. Our experienced pest control experts will get rid of winter pests once and for all so that you can rest easy this winter season!