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Wintertime Pests


When the weather turns cold and wet here in Myrtle Beach, the pests from outside start looking for a nice warm place inside to spend the winter. Here are some common pests that will often try to take up residence in your home when the cold comes to town.

  • Mice – Mice infest homes particularly in the colder months, often chewing their way inside of walls where they can nest in insulation. Mice can be particularly dangerous because they chew everything, including wires which can cause house fires. If you see mouse droppings inside drawers or cabinets, chances are you have a mouse problem.
  • Rats – While less common than mice in this area, there are two different types of rats that infest homes–roof rats and Norway rats. Similar to mice, rats like to make themselves at home inside your walls where the insulation helps keep them toasty warm and out of sight.
  • Spiders – It’s true that spiders can be helpful critters because they catch flies, mites, crickets and other bugs that might try to wander in for the winter. It’s also true that some of them in this area are venomous and can make you or your pet seriously sick if you get bitten.
  • Flying Carpenter Ants – To find one or two of these winged ants in your home during the summertime is no big deal. To find a few in your home in the winter almost always indicates there is a carpenter ant nest somewhere in the structure.
  • Bed Bugs – Bed bugs are a problem year round and sighting even one is a sign of a serious problem. Seeing one in the winter or the summer is equally bad and can indicate a possible infestation.
  • Gnats – There are two types of bugs commonly referred to as gnats–fruit flies and drain flies. Both are very tiny and reproduce quickly so they can be difficult and a nuisance to get rid of. Fruit flies generally travel into your home on fruits and veggies. Drain flies are usually found hovering near or around drains.

If you see any of these wintertime pests in your home, it’s time to call The Pest Force. Winter infestations can be difficult to deal with and it’s best to call in the pros before the infestation can get worse.