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What’s Hiding in Your Crawlspace?

A crawlspace is a space beneath a house where pipes and ductwork can be accessed. It’s also the place where some people store belongings, like that dusty box of books and all those old clothes that no longer fit. Crawlspaces are part of the structure of the house and provide an excellent hiding spot for …


Top Winter Pests to Watch Out for in South Carolina

There are several pests that are still active, even in the winter. So, it’s important to keep your quarterly or regular pest control service going year-round. What could possibly be trying to get into your home in the colder months? Here are the top winter pests to watch out for in South Carolina. Cockroaches Roaches …


Are Your Cleaning Habits Attracting Mice?

This is the time of year when mice start looking for a warm place with access to food to spend the winter. Don’t let your cleaning habits make your house a target for mice and other vermin. Are your cleaning habits attracting mice? Let’s take a look… 1. You don’t clean your floors often – …


Preventing Fall Pests

Prevent Fall Pests   The key to dealing with fall pests is to prevent them from entering your home. Fall is the time many bugs and other pests make their way into your home in search of food or a warm place to spend the colder winter months. Just a few of the pests looking …


What You Need to Know About Fire Ants

Fire ants are a prevalent type of ant in the southeast. Fire ant is a general term used for over 280 different species with similar characteristics. Fire ants build massive colonies and will swarm and attack anything or anyone they view as a threat to their colony, which is part of what makes them so …


Preventing Ant Infestations

Summer is the optimal time for ants to make their way into your home looking for food. Being vigilant is key. As soon as you see one ant, assume there are more coming. If you’re not paying attention, you could wind up with an ant infestation. Preventing ant infestations might be tough but it is …


Termite Prevention Tips

If you own a home in South Carolina, you’ll need termite protection. Even with termite treatments, it’s important to follow good practices when it comes to termite prevention. Termites are very prevalent in our area and cause $5 billion in property damage every year across the United States. Not only can they cause damage to …


Preventing Tick Bites

Tick bites are serious because ticks can carry a number of illnesses that infect humans and animals. Most notably, ticks carry Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever but also anaplasmosis, babesiosis, borrelia, ehrlichiosis and others. With the exception of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, the rest are commonly referred to as Lyme and co-infections as …


Avoiding Mosquito Bites

When dealing with mosquitoes, your priority should be avoiding mosquito bites versus treating bites once they happen. Why? Mosquitoes can carry and transmit a number of serious illnesses such as Zika, West Nile Virus and even Chikungunya. Here are some helpful tips on avoiding mosquito bites before they happen. 1. Avoid peak mosquito hours – …


Mosquitoes, Mosquitoes, Mosquitoes

In our warm South Carolina climate, mosquitoes are most active from March through October. Mosquito activity typically peaks during the warm summer months. However, depending on rainfall and temperatures in any given year, mosquitoes might be active for a longer period of time or activity might begin to peak sooner than summer. This looks to …

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