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Carpenter Ants


Carpenter Ants are one of the wood destroying insects that can be a serious problem for structures in South Carolina. While these ants provide a needed benefit in forests by excavating and breaking down dead trees, it is not a welcomed visitor in your home as these pests can cause damage as they tunnel through wood.

Along with actually seeing the large ants, evidence of Carpenter Ants are the holes they leave behind with piles of coarse wood shavings and insect parts below the opening. Unlike termites, Carpenter Ants don’t eat the wood, they leave the wood behind as they tunnel to build their nests. Carpenter Ant treatment is difficult to accomplish and is best left to a professional pest control operator. If you are having a problem with Carpenter Ants, The Pest Force has a solution.

Carpenter Ants are very attracted to moist wood, we will identify those areas of your home that need to be addressed. Also, vegetation, shrubbery, and tree limbs touching the structure provide access for Carpenter Ants. Utility ingress and egress, cracks and seams can all provide access and those entry points should be sealed. Our Sensible Service division can eliminate these problems. We will do our best to locate the main nest and any satellite nests which may be located in places such as hollow columns, eaves, window boxes, hollow-core doors, under bathtubs, in insulation or a nearby tree to name a few.

Chemical treatment varies depending on each circumstance, and it is always better to catch the problem early. The location of the nests, how far they are distributed, the season of the year and other factors all help to determine the effective and efficient treatment. Our team has the knowledge and experience to do the job right.