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Roaches are the world’s most dominant indoor pest and The Grand Strand is home to a variety of species. Almost everyone is familiar with the oval, flat bodied insect that hides in cracks and crevices and comes out at night. They are successful survivors because they are cautious, fast-breeding, eat just about anything and can last months with no food at all. All are known carriers of disease organisms and they are always unwelcome guests. German roaches are not native to our state, but rather a brought in pest that we discuss HERE. The four most common other cockroaches we deal with are:

Smoky Brown
Commonly called the “Palmetto Bug” because they often live in Palmetto Trees, the smoky brown roach is 1” – 1 1/2” long and gets its name from its adult coloring. These avid climbers can be found from attic to crawlspace and often enter the home on tree limbs touching the structure.

American Cockroach
This is the largest domestic cockroach measuring up to 2 1/8” long. It has a pale yellow band on the back of its head when fully grown and it can fly short distances with its full set of wings. Fermenting foods are their favorite and they are often found in sewer lines, leaf litter, crawl spaces and basements.

Oriental Cockroach
Also called the “Water Bug”, this roach is often found around water pipes and drains. 1” long and shiny black in color, they prefer starchy foods.

Asian Cockroaches
These small (1/2” – 5/8”) light brown roaches are often mistaken for German roaches. However it is their behavior that distinguishes them. Unlike German roaches, Asian cockroaches are attracted to light, often following a light source from room to room leading homeowners to believe the roaches are following them.

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