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Household Ants


Although you have found ants in your house, they are actually from the outside. They are in your house looking for the same things you are looking for—something to eat and drink. And they like the same foods you do! There are many different species of ants—some like starchy foods, some like greasy foods and some like sugary foods. The colony sends workers into your home searching for their favorite treats. When a food source is found, the worker lays down a chemical trail so that all of his friends back home can find their way to the discovered treasure in your home. That is why you often see the ants traveling along what seems to be a path. You may try to spray those trails with a DIY product, but this does not take care of the source and they will be back shortly on a different trail.

Of course you want your family to be the only ones feasting in your kitchen! Once ants have found their way in, it can be a stubborn problem, but we have the solution. First, we identify the type of ant causing the nuisance so that the most effective treatments can be utilized.

Using our Integrated Pest Management techniques we can identify the source of the infestation and show you entry points that may need to be sealed and storage issues that may need to be addressed. Then we will choose the most appropriate treatment for your particular situation.

It often takes more than one treatment to get complete control of ants once they have infested a structure, but we can eliminate the problem. During treatment it is important to follow all instructions left by your technician.

Things you can do to discourage ants:

Keep pantry foods in tightly sealed containers
Don’t store bread or other items on counters
Keep fruit in the refrigerator
Keep dirty dishes clean
Keep counters wiped down (use an approved cleaning product or vinegar)
Sweep kitchen floors after meals
Take trash out daily
Keep bathroom floors dry
Have adequate caulking around windows and doors
Have appropriate screening
Fix leaks under sinks
Keep trash bins away from house
Keep tree branches and bushes trimmed away from house
The Pest Force can perform an ant treatment for your home or business. Ants are also one of the general household pests that are covered under our Quarterly Pest Management Program. Call The Pest Force Office today to find out how to protect your home—guaranteed!