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Clothes Moth/Carpet Beetle


Clothes Moth
The webbing clothes moth and case making clothes moth are very similar in appearance and are the most common moths in this group. It is actually the larvae of these moths that feed on and damage fabrics. You may see 100-150 pin head size eggs that have been laid very near the fabric on which they feed. The larvae are about 1/3” long and can stay in the larval state for long periods of time. They eventually form a silken cocoon and the buff colored adults emerge about 4-5 weeks later. The adults do not feed and are not attracted to light.

Carpet Beetle
Carpet beetles in nature feed on flower pollen, but when they enter your home they eat your rugs, silk, wool, feathers, even animal hair. They are small dark insects, only about 1/8” long. The larvae go through several moltings and can measure 1/4” to 1/2” and are carrot shaped with tail bristles. The sheddings can make it seem that there are many more bugs than there are actually present. Carpet beetle larvae like to move around and may be found on items on which they do not feed—leading some people to misidentify them as bed bugs or other insects. They are attracted especially to soiled fabrics and cracks where lint accumulates such as along baseboards. You may find small holes in clothing that has been left on the floor or on the under side of carpets and throw rugs.

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